• Tahir came to New York City from Nigeria. Tahir plays the drums (actually buckets) on the streets for money, and sometimes he teaches his technique to people. He does not seem to have a place to live, so he trusts others in his situation to watch out for his stuff. One day the man next to him is unable to stop Tahir’s stuff from being stolen, so now he needs more stuff. Fortunately, it’s summer. A very kind man wearing what may be the clothes of a Muslim clergyman wants to help Tahir, but Tahir wants to remain more independent. Tahir is a faithful Muslim but knows he needs forgiveness.Tahir sees Hannah wearing his jacket and demands it be returned. Hannah angrily gives it back, though it is kind of hot for a jacket. Then Hannah tries to attempt suicide. Tahir stops her and begins trying to take care of her. It seems she has a child and when her husband died in military service after 9/11, she couldn’t handle things. She ran away and became a drug addict. Hannah is not a believer and mocks Tahir’s faith, but things change later.At one point a man shows Tahir a photo of Hannah and asks if he has seen her. For some reason Tahir lies but the next time he sees Hannah he confronts her and demands to know why she has abandoned those she loved. We learn later that she had the ability to contact her father all along but did not for some reason.Tahir rescues Hannah from her dealer who wants his money. Later, while on the run from another crisis, the two discover a luxurious home that is unlocked, and they take full advantage. They pretend they really live there and wear the clothes and use the fine glassware and other items.The relationship is evolving into something of a romantic nature. Eventually, the fantasy has to end. Soon, it appears a lot of time has passed because things have changed drastically.It is almost Christmas and there is snow on the ground. Hannah is confident and clean, and at first it appears she has her life back together. This is far from true and she will run into many more terrible and even frightening situations. It is now Tahir who needs taking care of, and that proves to be much harder than one would think. Rules and people who simply lack compassion get in the way, though many nice people really try and one man seems very kind and caring until we find out why. Hannah can be very persuasive and creative when she needs to be.
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