Is About Real Life and world wide situations that much people don't choose to speak on. Expressing My & My Special Guest Opinion, we chop it up on how funny these situations are and explain why. We are all grown so don't tune into this podcast is your going to get butt hurt on someone else opinion. PutYourBigGirlDrawsOn, a real grown adult conversational comedy podcast, a no judge zone

“Put Your Big Girl Drawls On” is a hilarious and unapologetic comedy podcast hosted by Lae-Lae Marie, where she and her special guests discuss real-life situations that many people are afraid to talk about. The show provides a platform for business owners, female entertainers, artists, comedians, and others to share their opinions on current events, pop culture, and other topics that are relevant to our daily lives.

What sets “Put Your Big Girl Drawls On” apart from other comedy podcasts is its unfiltered and honest approach to discussing difficult topics. Lae-Lae Marie encourages her guests to speak their minds, even if their opinions might be unpopular or controversial. This results in some truly hilarious and thought-provoking conversations that will leave you laughing out loud while also making you think.

One of the best things about “Put Your Big Girl Drawls On” is the variety of guests that Lae-Lae Marie invites onto the show. From business owners to entertainers to comedians, each episode features a new and exciting guest with their own unique perspective on the world. The conversations are always lively and engaging, and you never know what topic they’ll cover next.

But despite the show’s irreverent and humorous tone, “Put Your Big Girl Drawls On” is also a safe and welcoming space for all listeners. Lae-Lae Marie makes it clear from the outset that the show is a “no judge zone,” where all opinions are welcome and respected. This creates a space where listeners can feel free to be themselves and share their own opinions without fear of judgment or criticism.

Overall, “Put Your Big Girl Drawls On” is an entertaining and thought-provoking comedy podcast that is sure to make you laugh while also challenging your perspective on the world. With its talented host, diverse range of guests, and unfiltered conversations, this show is a must-listen for anyone who loves comedy, pop culture, and real talk. So if you’re ready to put your big girl drawls on and join the conversation, be sure to tune in to this hilarious and irreverent podcast.


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