Doeman x HOODLUM – “Put Yo Hood Up” (Official Music Video)

by bossadmin@musixflix.onlinepublished on February 24, 2023

Listen to the single “Put Yo Hood Up” featuring Southside Hoodlum out now!


Southside Hoodlum

Directed and edited by Ace The Shooter

Houston rapper Joseph “Doeman” Gonzales has already experienced a large amount of success within Houston’s hip-hop scene. Born and raised in Southeast Houston, Doeman’s flows are largely about his experiences as a Mexican-American man. It is no surprise, then, that his lyrics focus less on typical hip-hop subjects such as women and material possessions, and focus more on social statements and current events. The self-proclaimed “Barrio God” grew up listening to soul music and classic Motown like The Temptations, Sunny Ozuna, and Sam Cooke because of his parents, and his rap style is heavily influenced by ‘90s rap greats Tupac, Will Smith, and Big Pun. Socially, Doe looks up to people like Cesar Chavez and Malcolm X. Doeman’s influences are displayed through his musical choices in terms of his lyricism, cadence, and musicality.


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