G’Latto – Moment (Official Music Video)

by bossadmin@musixflix.onlinepublished on February 24, 2023

GLatto – Moment

Dancer: Miah Dreams
Filmed by: Erica Kim
Edited by: Benz Lenz
“Your time will come”, “one day you will taste your own glory”, well my time is now! This is my moment. This ya moment, This is our moment! This video was made for motivational purposes, only to push and encourage those to go for the big shot. Your Moment comes when you allow it through the door. Make your moment now! Add this video to your motivation playlist and accomplish all of your set goals to the promise land. Your future depends on the pressure you apply now, Make your Moment now. “This Ya Moment” including the new G-Tempoh dance the “Tempoh Push”.

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